Medical Ultrasound Market: Impact of COVID-19, Lung Ultrasound, Role of AI in POC and Primary Care Ultrasound, FDA Enforcement Policy, Advancement in Portable Ultrasound, Value Chain Insights, and Forecasts 2019-2025

Report Code : IE17739
Published: March 2021

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Market Essence

Considering the crucial role medical ultrasound devices will play in triage, diagnose, monitor, and treat COVID-19 patients, IndustryEssence has published the new research report.

The portable ultrasound equipment market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8.2% between 2020 and 2025.

Market Trends Amid Pandemic:

COVID-19: Role of Portable Ultrasound in Triage, Diagnose, Monitor, and Treat COVID-19

Certainly, ultrasound devices are playing a crucial role in fighting Coronavirus Pandemic. Lung ultrasound helps in diagnosis, treatment and evaluation of severe pneumonia, an illness associated with severe cases of COVID-19. With more than 4.5 Mn (and growing) Coronavirus cases, lung ultrasound is helping doctors and healthcare professionals in deciding which patient needs an intensive-care and special attention. However, World Health Organization (WHO) is not recommending lung ultrasound as a primary tool to diagnose and monitor COVID-19 patients; healthcare professionals globally find it useful tool in triage. The portable, handheld ultrasound systems (that cost a tenth of a cart-based system) are preferred by healthcare professionals.

FDA Reduces Medical Imaging Regulations: Driving Demand for Portable Ultrasound Devices and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based Systems

Considering the rapid spread of COVID-19, in the last week of April 2020, FDA issued guidance for medical imaging devices. FDA stated that imaging devices can be modified for portable use, through the addition of a battery and other changes, without creating an “undue risk.” Also offered flexibility in ultrasound regulations by allowing ultrasound image capturing to be performed by healthcare practitioners who are not trained in sonography, under the guidance of a trained/licensed practitioner. FDA also directed enhancements in image analysis software, such as the addition of capabilities for lung segmentation and measurements, specifically for diagnosing COVID-19.

US Witnessed ~170% Growth in Public Tenders for Ultrasound Devices in March & April 2020

GE Healthcare, Philips, and many Others Ramp-Up Production of POC and Primary Care Ultrasound

Replacement of China by India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, & Philippines. Self-reliance

North-American and European Ultrasound companies (and their CXOs, of course) are facing disrupted supply-chains globally and actively looking for manufacturing and supplier alternatives in order to cater surging ultrasound demand. The ultrasound manufacturing and supply chains won’t be the same in-and-after the pandemic.

Decline in Overall Ultrasound Market, Growth in Portable Ultrasound Market (Optimistic, Pessimistic, and Neutral Scenarios)

Survival of the Fittest: Surviving the Pandemic and Remaining Competitive in the Market

Short-Term Hurdles with Long-Lasting Impact: What Hundreds of Experts Have to Say?

Other Ultrasound Companies Mentioned in The Report

Acertara Acoustic Laboratories, LLC; AdEchoTech; Agilent Technologies; Alpinion Medical Systems; Ambisea Technology corp ltd; Ambisea Technology corp ltd.; AmeeraHealth Ltd; Analogic; Argon Medical,Inc; Arthrex; Aucta Technologies; Aurora Imaging Technology; Aussin Intensive Care; AXREM; Barco; Bartec Technologies Ltd; BCFultrasound; Beacon Equipment; Becton Dickinson; Beekley Medical; Bet Medical; Benq, Biim Ultrasound; Bioventus; BK Medical; Blatek; BMV Technology Co. Ltd; Boston Scientific; BPC International Inc.; Brainlab; Broadsound; BTG plc; Candela; Canon Medical Systems ; Cardiawave; Cardiosonic Inc; Carestream Health; Carleton Optical; CarThera; Cephasonics; Chison Medical Imaging; CIRS; CIVCO Medical Solutions; Clarius Mobile Health; CMS Imaging, Inc.; Contec Medical Systems Co., Ltd.; ContextVision AB; Core Sound Imaging, Inc; Covidien; Cutera INC; Davis Medical ; Daxsonics Ultrasound; Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc; Delta Medical Systems; Dia Imaging Analysis; Digisonics, Inc; Dilon Technologies; DJO Global; Dolphitech; DRE Medical; Dukane Corporation; Dynaflow; EDAP TMS; Eldan; Ellex; EMS Physio Ltd; Esaote; Examion; EyeOptics; Frontmatec Group; Fukuda Denshi; Gage Applied Technologies; GE Healthcare; Globalmed Group,LLC; Guam Radiology Consultants; Healcerion; Healthcare Scientific; Hitachi; Hologic INC; Hologic,INC; Imfusion GmbH; Imorgon; Imv Imaging; Infinitt Healthcare; InPhase Solutions AS; InSightec; Intermed Group; Kalamed Gmbh; Keebomed,Inc.; Konica Minolta; KPI Healthcare; Kubtec Medical Imaging; L G Med Supply ; Labthermics Technologies,INC; LBN Medical ; Lumenis; Maranda Lauzon; Massa Products Corporation; Meda CO. LTD; Medgyn; Medistim ASA; Medtronic; Mesogeios; Mevis Medical Solutons Ag; Mindray Medical; Nationwide Imaging Services, Inc; Oldelft Ultrasound; Onda Corporation; Optikon; ORCO; Oxsonics Therapeutics; Parker Laboratories,inc ; PENTAX Medical; Philips; PHOENIX ; PHYSIOMED ELEKTROMEDIZIN AG; Planmed Oy; Precision Acoustics; PTW Freiburg; Q3 Medical Devices Limited; Quarktet; Quipu; Recor Medical; Samsung; Samsung Medison; Seeuco Electronics Technology Co., Ltd; Seeuco Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.; SenseGraphics; Siemens Healthineers; Simonmed Medical Imaging; SIUI; Softneta; SonaCare Medical; Sonitor Technologies; Sonocine Inc ; Sonoscanner; Sonoscape; SonoSim; SonoSite, Inc; SonoVol; Spinverse; Sun Nuclear Corporation; SuperSonic Imagine; TELEMED Medical Systems; Terason; The Ultran Group; Thermosome GmbH; TLC ultrasound; Trivitron; Ubeam; UltraTecno; Ultromics, United Imaging; UTC Imaging; Varian Medical System; VEINSOUND; Vensica Medical; Vesselon; Vibro Technologies; Vital Images; Xtron Imaging Inc.; Biosense Webster(Johnson & Johnson); Caption Health; EIZO, INC; Elekta, INC; Johnson & Johnson (Ethicon); Priority Medical, INC; S & S Enterprise; ScImage, INC; Shared Imaging, LLC; SOMA TECHNOLOGY, INC, Vave H, Vermon

Table of Contents

1. Global Ultrasound Market: Market Essence

2. COVID-19 Pandemic focused Market Trends:
2.1. Role of lung ultrasound in triage, diagnose, monitor, and treat COVID-19 patients
2.2. FDA reduces medical imaging regulations: Enforcement Policy for Imaging Systems During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency
2.3. Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in diagnosing COVID-19
2.4. Surging demand for point-of-care (POC) and primary care ultrasound devices
2.5. Advancements in portable (hand-carried) and ultra-portable (hand-held) ultrasound devices
2.6. Increased healthcare spending for compact ultrasound systems
2.7. Major companies ramping up production of compact ultrasound systems
2.8. Worldwide affected supply chains are affecting ultrasound devices production
2.9. Overall ultrasound market will decline in the short and medium term

3. How companies can tackle with broken supply chains globally?

4. Value & Supply Chain and Market Ecosystem Analysis of Ultrasound Market
4.1. OEMs
4.2. Startup Ecosystem
4.3. AI-based Ultrasound Software Vendors
4.4. Distributors
4.5. Retailers
4.6. Services
4.6.1. Ultrasound After Sales Services
4.6.2. Ultrasound Repairs & Maintenance Services
4.6.3. Ultrasound AI-software Training Services
4.7. End-Users

5. Market Impression
5.1. Revenue Driving Factors for Ultrasound Market
5.1.1. Increasing healthcare spending for compact ultrasound systems (long-term COVID-19/Coronavirus impact on ultrasound market)
5.1.2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) based ultrasound devices
5.1.3. Technological advancements in hand-held portable ultrasound systems
5.1.4. Echocardiography, Elastography, CMUT, and DTHI: new growth drivers
5.1.5. Increasing use of ultrasound and MRI combined technology
5.1.6. Expanding applications and growing demand from developing countries
5.2. Restraints Affecting Growth of The Ultrasound Market
5.3. Lucrative Opportunities for Ultrasound Market Stakeholders

6. Analysis of Organic and Inorganic Business Strategies by Ultrasound Companies, 2016-2020
6.1. Organic Strategies Adopted by Companies to Remain Competitive
6.2. Inorganic Strategies Adopted by Companies to Remain Competitive
6.3. Analyst Insights & Recommendations

7. Market Attractiveness Assessment: Porter’s Five Forces Market Analysis
7.1. Bargaining Power of Suppliers
7.1.1. Number of Suppliers
7.1.2. Switching Costs
7.1.3. Forward Integration
7.1.4. Product Differentiation
7.2. Intensity of Competition
7.2.1. Number of Competitors
7.2.2. Product Differentiation
7.2.3. Switching Costs
7.2.4. Rate of Industry Growth 
7.3. Threat of New Entrants
7.3.1. Entry Barriers
7.3.2. Capital Requirement
7.3.3. Technology Knowhow
7.4. Threat of Substitutes
7.4.1. Availability of Substitutes
7.4.2. Switching Costs
7.4.3. Convenience
7.4.4. Quality
7.5. Bargaining Power of Buyers
7.5.1. Number of Buyers
7.5.2. Switching Costs
7.5.3. Availability of Substitutes
7.5.4. Product Differentiation
7.5.5. Price Sensitivity

8. Medical Ultrasound Market, Pricing Trends and Forecasts

9. Medical Ultrasound Market, By Technology (Market Size, Unit Shipment, Trends, Forecasts, and Analysis)
9.1. Diagnostic Ultrasound
9.1.1. 2D Ultrasound
9.1.2. 3D & 4D Ultrasound
9.1.3. Doppler Ultrasound
9.2. Therapeutic Ultrasound
9.2.1. Shockwave Lithotripsy
9.2.2. Focused Ultrasound

10. Medical Ultrasound Market, By Device Display (Market Size, Unit Shipment, Trends, Forecasts, and Analysis)
10.1. Color Ultrasound
10.2. Black and White Display Ultrasound

11. Medical Ultrasound Market, By Portability (Market Size, Unit Shipment, Trends, Forecasts, and Analysis)
11.1. Trolley/Cart-Based Ultrasound Systems
11.2. Compact/Handheld Ultrasound Systems
11.3. Point-of-Care (POC) Ultrasound Systems

12. Medical Ultrasound Market, By Application (Market Size, Unit Shipment, Trends, Forecasts, and Analysis)
12.1. Radiology/General Imaging
12.2. Cardiology
12.3. Obstetrics/Gynecology
12.4. Vascular
12.5. Urology
12.6. Orthopedic and Musculoskeletal
12.7. Pain Management
12.8. Other Emerging Applications

13. Medical Ultrasound Market, By End-User Application (Market Size, Unit Shipment, Trends, Forecasts, and Analysis)
13.1. Hospitals, Surgical and Diagnostic Centers
13.2. Maternity Homes
13.3. Ambulatory Care Centers
13.4. Research and Academia
13.5. Sports and Others

14. Medical Ultrasound Market, By Services
14.1. Ultrasound After Sales Services
14.2. Ultrasound Repairs and Maintenance
14.3. Ultrasound Training Services

15. Medical Ultrasound Market, By Geography (Market Size, Unit Shipment, Trends, Forecasts, and Analysis)
15.1. North America (Market Size, Unit Shipment, Trends, Forecasts, and Analysis)
15.1.1. US
15.1.2. Canada
15.1.3. Mexico
15.2. Europe (Market Size, Unit Shipment, Trends, Forecasts, and Analysis)
15.2.1. United Kingdom
15.2.2. Germany
15.2.3. France
15.2.4. Italy
15.2.5. Spain
15.2.6. Rest of the Europe
15.3. Asia Pacific (Market Size, Unit Shipment, Trends, Forecasts, and Analysis)
15.3.1. China
15.3.2. India
15.3.3. Japan
15.3.4. Rest of the Asia 15.3.5. Replacement of China by India, Vietnam, Malaysia &Indonesia
15.4. Latin America (Market Size, Unit Shipment, Trends, Forecasts, and Analysis)
15.5. Middle East (Market Size, Unit Shipment, Trends, Forecasts, and Analysis)
15.6. Africa (Market Size, Unit Shipment, Trends, Forecasts, and Analysis)

16. Promising OEMs, Startups, and AI-based Software Companies in Ultrasound Market: Vision Matrix
16.1. Aspirers
16.2. Influencers
16.3. Pioneers
16.4. Front-runners
17. Market Company Profiles (Ultrasound OEMs, Startups, and AI-based Software Companies)
17.1. Alpinion Medical System
17.2. Benq
17.3. Biim Ultrasound
17.4. BK Ultrasound (Analogic)
17.5. BMV Technology Co., Ltd.
17.6. Boston Scientific Corporation
17.7. Butterfly Network
17.8. Canon Medical Systems
17.9. Cephasonics
17.10. Chison Medical Imaging Co., Ltd.
17.11. Clarius Mobile Health
17.12. ContextVision AB
17.13. EchoNous
17.14. Esaote SpA
17.15. Exo Imaging
17.16. FUJIFILM SonoSite, Inc.
17.17. GE Healthcare
17.18. GlobalMed Group LLC
17.19. Healcerion
17.20. Hitachi Healthcare
17.21. MedGyn Products, Inc.
17.22. Mindray Medical International Ltd.
17.23. Misonix, Inc
17.24. Mobisante, Inc.
17.25. Nanosonics Ltd
17.26. Philips Healthcare
17.28. Samsung Medison
17.29. Siemens Healthineers
17.30. Sonocare
17.31. TeleMed Ltd.
17.32. Toshiba Medical Systems
17.33. Trivitron Healthcare
17.34. Vave Health
17.35. Yor Labs
18. Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Ultrasound Systems Vendors
18.1. DiA Imaging Analysis Ltd
18.2. Koios Medical
18.3. MedaPhor Limited
18.4. Caption Health

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